Me,My Ex,His friends and my club buddies

Published September 17, 2011 by lionessallison

Am I wrong? Trying to runaway from this married ex am still very much in love with,I’m friends with his friends and now my friends are becoming friends to his friends! And some of them even more than friends. See, I don’t mind what goes on in anybody’s life or who is doing what,I just don’t want it affecting my fabulously lived,fun life! A friend of my Ex kinda had something to do with one of my club buddies,who may be spreading some stories concerning him and another girl who I don’t know,and because am the middle man(whom they met through)I’ve been accused of spreading crap! By another club buddy who this shouldn’t concern! Tell me about Drama! If I spread anything,trust me,its with fact,and worth spreading! And I don’t spread crap about my friends! I wish everyone would move on with their businesses,excluding me from these nonsense talks and realize I have some blogging to do! :)…………….oh! And next time, some1 please remind me not to try and be the hero with my ex’s friend who I call my brother and doesn’t know how to talk! Proud Lambodumbo! Xoxoxs! Miss Lioness

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