Sex and The Kiddies

Published September 18, 2011 by lionessallison

I’m 22, I lost my virginity at the age of 18. Before then I’d only kissed a billion times,Smooch a bunch of well selected guys and turned the whole world on! Yes! I am guilty, or so I thought,I was the “badest”chick, I could kick a guys ass because I knew he was not good enough,I would careless about his money because I knew how bad he wanted me………..I mean,seriously,I was just badass I’d kiss myself every morning!

Until this morning……..that was how things were; Girls having dreams of a wonderful life that really isn’t beyond getting married to the perfect guy,having the perfect sex which comes along with the perfect noisy little things you chase around the house,the jewelry,the Fab life and of course the jealous friends!….there’s no happy ending without them!

This morning………IT HIT ME LIKE A BUS! “There’s no Virgin in Somalia”, “No Wife in Australia” and definitely “No Love songs in India”…………..every baby’s dream is to suck and sleep! every girls dream is to shop and live, every teenage dream is to have sex,watch porn,listen to music,party,party more,drink,party even more……………….and every 21yr old’s dream,is to have lots of money no matter where it came from,have lots of sex even if “she ain’t your girl”, have kids to call your own,and ……………………ol’on, I think I missed something. Rewind..Dream-check….Sex-check……..Relationship-Oh My 0_0

Now you get my point?………….I’m not writing this to change anything! Life takes care of itself,I know how to take care of mine,I’m writing this because it has become a bother to me………. I mean,i thought I rocked as a teen *sulking* 😦

What is “Rocking” these days?

Feel free to leave a comment! I’ll be back with part2

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