Wedding Miss :s …………Oh! sorry i meant Bliss :)

Published September 18, 2011 by lionessallison

Before I start,I’d like to say I’m not for or against any of the 2 gender…………on this note,I wish a very happy married life to our lovely stiff sexy model Kim Humphrey!

Note: This Blog is not about Kim,I have more interesting people to feature! No beef though, I LOVE HER! Okay that’s a lie 0_0 I’ll stick to like


It begins from when he pops the question,you’re overwhelmed,he’s feeling cool,you tell your families,everybody is happy,you plan a wedding,you’re very excited,he’s happy too cos he loves you,you give him the list,he’s VEeeeRY quiet now,but he loves you,so he’s gonna pay anyway!

Now you’re married,you wake up to this beautiful person every morning (even if they’re not) you’re happy and thankful to God,you eat in time,have sex 3 times a day,gist,watch TV together,you do this for a year,and one morning you wake up…………….

I’ve always wondered why after just one or two years of marriage,you hear things like; She’s not hot anymore,He’s changed, he doesn’t say I love you as often!

Have you wondered the same too? Well, I wouldn’t know what the problem is,but what I do know is why She’s not Hot anymore,and why He doesn’t say he loves you as often!

Dude,She’s not Hot anymore because she was never Hot! Only God knows why you settled for it in the 1st place! If she was really Hot when you were dating,trust me no matter how much weight she put,she’d always be HOT!……..If her persona made her Hot then,and you feel its not there anymore? Look again! You’ve probably found a hotter one or it was all in your imagination!………….What you should do is live with it,or simply freestyle with a bunch of others and get a Divorce! 😦 SMDH

Babe,He didn’t say I love you that often when you were dating either,its all in your head……you simply didn’t live together then,so everything happened so slow and sexy all you wanted was to be his mrs and nothing mattered! You didn’t notice you Lambodumbo! Stop complaining!………………live with it,or freestyle as well!

If u don’t,this is what happens,he refers to you as “The woman I married” instead of “my wife”……..She cooks whatever she feels like,instead of asking your opinion as formally done,…….He crops you out of the pictures on his phone(he would have deleted,but he’s too hot to lose the picture) instead of rotating them on your birthday screaming how much he loves you like he used to,……….etc etc………if you still don’t live with it,find a solution (if there’s any) or freestyle,……..

You stay in the relationship,have kids…….you’re both stuck cos he appreciates you now,for being such a wonderful mother to his kids(which you should be! Duh!) And you appreciate him for a reason you can’t quite place!(Typical of women)……you can’t get a divorce because family is contended with your miserable life as long as society doesn’t gossip(keep deceiving yourself)

Now, after all these said,someone tell me why I should spend millions on a wedding when I’d be left to the misery and dismay all by myself?! :s

A wedding is a wonderful thing! Get married! Don’t mind all I have said,I’m just blogging………Wedding-Married-Married-Wedding……..I rest my case!

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6 comments on “Wedding Miss :s …………Oh! sorry i meant Bliss :)

  • hmmmm interesting blog, but u know what, the society has changed and it still changing,people look for different things in marriage now , handsome guy, beautiful girl,where he or she works the shape he or she has,all this things r material things and dies with time, have u ever wondered,how u feel with an item u have being longing to buy when u finally get it, after a couple of months u would forget it, that’s how this life is so wot i do is i look for someone i am emotionally connected to that way, nothing can separate us. Emotional connection is better than the physical one. physical connection fades with time

    • Very confused with your reply,but I pick that you are sharing your opinion on the “MISS”? Its good that you choose to be emotional,nobody wants to be “that” anymore! But emotions fade too,just not as quickly as physical attraction……..

      FYI : I never fall out of love with any belonging I buy! Cos it takes a lot of thinking b4 I buy it!………….Was groomed that way 🙂 Every1 should do this!

      Going to check your Blog now

  • Mrs humprey is a bitch, she insulted khloe for marring a giant then she went ahead and married kingkong not that it my biz or the topic anyway)
    Marriage is what we make it. everybody evolves daily. We see different things we adopt intentionally or unintentionally into our lives daily. I adopted stuff from lioness when I meet her and even my spouse noticed. If couples perceive them selves as friends and siblings instead of rivals everything will be better and if we tolerate and have more patience most issues will be resolved even without dialogue. I’m not crazy about the big wedding ceremony (its just a waste of money and unnecessary publicity) its making and keeping the home that’s important.
    This is a lovely blog.

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