If husbands can have a Mistress,why can wives a Mister?

Published September 21, 2011 by lionessallison

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After reading this Blog, I’d say this “some things can’t be changed, in Nigeria,our culture permits a man to marry more than one wife,but non of these women can have more than one husband! They can cheat,yes! (I.E have a short term sexual relationship,not a long term sexual/affectionate) though they are not permitted to, unlike the husbands. That’s how things have been,that’s how it will remain! It has been even before Jesus Christ,nobody knows why,but it is!

Its as asking “Why Lions ROAR and Cats don’t” or “Why snakes crawl and Lizards walk”

As a woman,and someone who despises injustice(injustice being what this is on women) as much as I’d like to hate and scream and protest the unfairness of this matter, some things,really can’t and won’t change!

………….and women not permitted to have a Mister won’t change!


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6 comments on “If husbands can have a Mistress,why can wives a Mister?

  • This has always been a hot topic the world over. Some times men need to be dealt with their own blow at other times its best to just turn the blind eye. At any rate I’ll say men are who they are right from when we date them. A man who cheats, cheats ! And a man who doesn’t, doesn’t(they are rear tho) just like a man who , drinks nothing can be done unless he wants to stop him self.

  • I think we need to ask: who is/was the moral authority on relationships really? The golden rule of ‘cheating’ (as if it is a game) is or should remain unarguable given that in this day & age freedom is of the essence. Now, a woman I think should be free to have a MR assuming that’s what she wants in the same way guys do, but it is about what the world thinks! Not what they think, women cheat as much as men given they too love the sex as we all do, they are experts in the ‘pretend business’ and obviously discreet at it. Afterall, when a guy (married) cheats, he does it to a woman that more often than not knows he is married!! Voila!!

  • Really? What the world thinks matter at this age?WOW!……….and if it actually is a free world as you’ve said,I’m not sure this Topic should be an issue,but it is,and that’s because “the facking society is not in support of a cheating wife! She should be hanged if she cheats,but she should embrace her husband if he does” they’d say its normal! And Yes! We all know he’s married when we fuck him! Just as most men sleep with married women……….The Topic is not about weather or not it is right,its about Wives being eaten alive when they do!

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