Published September 22, 2011 by lionessallison

Above, is an article by Bianca Jagger, containing details of the Troy Davis Murder by the state of Georgia!

It is Heart Wrecking that this man was killed after 20yrs of maintaining his innocence,NO sound proof of him being guilty,Intervention of the Pope(Rolling my eyes),Former American president and the world at large!

It only took one FUCKING RETARD called Larry Chisolm to call it off!

I’m wondering though…………..
If he was a white man,would he have been killed?
Why give the case so much attention if this guy was truly guilty of charge? I mean,he’s not a celebrity,politician or anybody even the beggar on the streets would care about! Not even the homeless one Mcphil was defending when he was killed!

About that Homeless one,what about him? Where is he? Did he come out to say anything?

I’m beginning to really wonder!

Was this case held so long to cover the actual killers track?
Do the people who matter know who this killer is?

Well,sorry I can’t answer that question!
Maybe You can, or not,arrive at what conclusion you feel,or not!

Troy is dead!
Mcphil’s mum said she’s at peace?(Fucking bitch! I pray she reads my Blog! Cos I really hope she loses all her kids,grandkids all the things she loves! And live the rest of her life in Misery!) I’m sure your son is saying “Well done ma,you did well! Dad says Hi PS:The Devil)

………… and to think they called it THE ULTIMATE JUSTICE!

There’s only one ULTIMATE I know! And He created the ones who call themselves Ultimate by mouth!

…………. I will create an Organization/Foundation under the name TROYDAVIS to fight similar cause. More Info soon.

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