MICHAEL says…..”GREED CAN BE GOOD”…..Do I Agree?

Published September 23, 2011 by lionessallison

I woke up this morning to a new status update on my BBM from a friend of mine,it says……

“Be fearful when others r greedy & greedy when others r fearful”

…….and obviously! I didn’t like it! So I PINGED him!

Telling him how I felt,which is ; I don’t think being greedy is a good thing,he says this…….

“It makes business sense,U don’t plough everything into a business everybody is doing. If the whole country is doing something it probably means its saturated” {QUOTE}

and I absolutely agreed!

The moral of this lesson is……Learn from the quote! But don’t be greedy! Greediness actually has nothing to do with that quote! Its plainly just being WISE…………

Oh! After which he went on to say “Are some people not greedy for God?” I didn’t answer the question, I felt it very lame to ask……especially since I quit discussing religion,so…..sorry Michael

Have a nice day people! Will be back before you’re actually greedy with someone! We do it every minute! TRUE STORY 0_0

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2 comments on “MICHAEL says…..”GREED CAN BE GOOD”…..Do I Agree?

  • I don’t care much for Michael (shrugs) but I kinda agree with him. As humans we are naturally greedy. We display this fiercely as kids but with age, maturity and experience we learn to control or mask it (not true for all that why I used the word “mask” ) everything in life “moderation” is key. Iv gone out of my way to please too many people. When I think back in retrospect now, i wish I was very greedy !

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