WOW! She’s Got Killer BOOBS!!!

Published October 4, 2011 by lionessallison

I am not talking about the plus sized boobs, those voluptuous, captivating boobs with rock solid foundation that has men drooling and ogling longingly at…the ones that the bras sweat and puff, battling valiantly to keep on lock down.     and i am definitely not talking about the milk shakes, the ones newborn infants cry incessantly at night for and nobody sleeps until they suckle to their fill.                                    

I am talking about those breasts that has a tiny lump or that small ‘something’ you may feel but often neglect as harmless.    wow! you have got a killer pair babes, but guess what? nobody is smiling!        

thing is, there has been an upsurge in the incidence of breast tumors and despite all the awareness being created by government, social organizations, celebrities and beauty queens all over the planet, a high percentage of young girls and women still fail to detect lumps in their breasts on time till it becomes calamitous.   a pity since most of them are easily treatable when detected early. but once a malignant lump has spread or ‘metastasized’, its just a question of time before death comes knocking on your door(or breasts in this case).                  

it is advocated that you examine your breasts everyday especially while bathing. this way,you become familiar with the normal texture of your breast and can then detect easily if some odd growth pops up. you can even co-opt that boyfriend or husband who shares a joint ‘breast’ account with you and teach him to also check it when playing.   i mean, all play and no work is not good for jack either.

It is also advisable that you see your doctor at least once a year for a proper clinical breast examination………… any lump that rears its ugly head will be noticed in time and dealt with!

Doing this,those lovely assets of yours doesn’t turn around to become a liability.      

dr Nonso Nwosu                                            guest writer                  

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4 comments on “WOW! She’s Got Killer BOOBS!!!

  • As a breast cancer awareness campaigner, I am always happy to associate with any form
    of educative materials like this. KEEPFIT, our NGO has been at the forefront of this. Thanks for the write up

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