You Just Can’t Resist When The Wrong Person Treats You Right

Published October 5, 2011 by lionessallison

This is very twisted,

I choose to believe,that if He/She treats you right,then He/She can’t be wrong! You! can make He/She Right…………but at the same time,someone might treat you right,but they might also not be good for you(By saying this I mean: A guy/girl being a sweet,loving and caring partner doesn’t make that person a wise choice)

As much as I don’t like talking about “Love”(because its broad and because little or nobody understands the damn thing) it hurts me deep when people make silly mistakes,and make a fuss about it and everything!

If a guy/girl is treating you right,weather that person is right or wrong(depending on your definition/conclusion of it) Just enjoy the FREGGING moment!…………its just as worrying about life,about why sometimes you’re sad and sometimes you’re happy! That’s how Relationships and Love stories are!…………….So if you’re kissing someone else’s boyfriend right now and you feel good? DON’T stop kissing him! Kiss him until you’re tired and move the fuck on as you’re heartbroken cos he went back to his girlfriend!

Such is life……………….
We Feel
We Love
We Enjoy
We Gain some
We Lose some
We Hurt
We Heal
We Move The Fuck on!

……….By the way,it better not be my boyfriend you’re kissing!……….

0_o Ops! I don’t have one 0_0

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