A Man/Woman NOT WORTH Marrying

Published October 7, 2011 by lionessallison

—Being a good person alone doesn’t make a man or woman worth marrying

—A lifeless/boring man or woman is not worth marrying (in my opinion,I don’t want to be in a boring relationship! Its crucial not to be!)

—Marriage is not for all,don’t feel bad if you end up not marrying,its probably not good for you,as you’re not worth marrying because you’re better alone!

—-A man that hits you? Well,you’re on your own in that marriage! Hopefully he won’t kill you someday,but don’t worry,you won’t be the 1st.

——A Lazy Man or Woman(“Physically and Emotionally” In my opinion)

——But seriously,If I find out my Husband slept with a slut a night before my wedding/Bachelors eve…..that’s the day the marriage ENDS! I swear that on the grave I’ll be buried on when I die 0_0. (He can do whatever after or long before,not my concern,as long as I’m not affected! But that night is very crucial! As I don’t know how heartless and disrespectful he could be,coming the next morning to swear for better or worse to me! He must be high!

—–A man or Woman that lies! And I mean really lie,like its a part of their life. Watch out for these ones they can kill. ( A guy I heard of,told his Fiancé now turned wife he has lands in sweden and he’s a British citizen,when he hasn’t left his village in the east to Lagos. What will he tell her when she asks for a British passport? 0_o……..yea,he Can KILL)

——A mummy’s Boy/Daddy’s girl whose parents don’t really dig you,oh my! Get ready to make all family issues A FAMILY affair!………..and,you can never be “not guilty”

——A man/woman without a solid future plan? RUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

——A man/woman that makes you feel bad about yourself? Is an asshole! You’ll be better off! Trust me,true story here!

*He points out only negative things about you ?

*She complains when your business plans aren’t successful? Worried about herself only? Eeek!

*He says you’re beautiful when you’re angry so he keeps getting you angry? (Wondering how that is romantic)

*She complains your dick is small and is not using a Dildo #coveringmyface

*He complains your Vagina smells and didn’t take you to the Gynecologist to fix yourself #Coveringmynose (sorry)

(If all these sounds familiar,you need to be single for a while,appreciate yourself,a woman that appreciates your efforts and a man that just loves you anyway,will come along)

(Its not a must for you to be married or be in a relationship,especially one that hurts you………I don’t see why anybody shouldn’t be happy. A guy could hurt me,and I could stay in the relationship,only because I still love him and haven’t found a reason why he’s not worth my pain……….but when I do? Trust me,ask any of my friends,I’m a good box packer,and I fold my clothes pretty well too!

——There’s a long list of Men and Women not worth marrying,the ones I’ve listed are from other people’s(who I know) experiences. I could go on the rest of today! Leave comments on the kind of man or woman you think is not
worth marrying.

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3 comments on “A Man/Woman NOT WORTH Marrying

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