Published October 11, 2011 by lionessallison

I personal hate digital sketching,but don’t get me wrong,its good to know how to use your computer as well!……….

I got these comments from a site I was on,and thought to share my favorite ones with you guys! I hope its useful for you!

“I’ve never seen anyone EFFECTIVELY sketch on a computer. And not to be antagonistic, but regarding the time and money issue….how much trace paper & pens/pencils would it take before they became more expensive than the hardware and software required to “sketch” on a computer?

That said, there is a lot of, not what I would call sketching, but more of quick 3d trash modeling, where people are quickly massing the intended objects and orbiting around them”

………my favorite! I loved this one instantly!…..I should hunt the guy down and marry him just because……

“this is not even a question… hand sketch. pencil on bumwad (trace).

The professors will rip you apart in reviews if you try to show them digital sketches. They would probably themselves go grab bumwad, hold it over your drawings and sketch themselves just to make a point. Then hand you a piece of paper with almost nothing on it and tell you that is better than what you worked on for a lot longer than 30 seconds”

…….This one is hilarious! I imagined the look on the students face! LMFAO!

“I draw really terrifying and perverse things…

Like I could start out drawing a toaster and end up with something eerily similar to Picasso’s Massacre in Korea.

I have a pretty distinct and borderline schizophrenic drawing style. So, I really do not like to draw.

I’ve been encouraged to draw but I’m not sure how many more sketches of unicorns raping turtles while gutting a bear with its horn while strippers dance in the background while gravy is being poured on them out of a giant gravyboat held by a tiny zombie well-hung leprechaun.”

……..I don’t know WTF this guy was thinking! He didn’t even answer the darn question! But I LOVE HIM! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

…………A guy posted this picture only
(Parking lot full,evolve or die)

This was his reply——>

“aspect, dinosaurs didn’t die through failure to evolve. they were caught in a natural disaster. evolution has no right or wrong, its more of a blind chance in the right place at the right time sort of process.

the more options available to you the better equipped a person is to tackle unknown situations and cetera. so do it all and be ready to do something else when and if..”

……Yea,I’m still sticking to my hand on paper drawing,regardless of time and “money” 0_0

(Above is a picture of a digitally sketched city,the reason it looks Analog is because the software used is from Apple,u can actually sketch on a board and it appears on your computer,so you’re basically still using your hand)

(The dress sketches are hand sketched……the digital was too sight blinding I could not upload! You’d have to have a gun to my head!)

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