Do People Really Change? Or We Grow past Things And Move On?

Published October 13, 2011 by lionessallison

“CHANGE” is the only constant thing in life people say…………….

But I’ve always wondered,

“US” going from traveling for months by road to traveling by air in hours

“US” going from box Tv to plasma

“US” going from being a muslim to being a christian and vise versa

“US” going from being good to being bad

“US” loving someone today and hating them tomorrow

……Does this pass as CHANGE?

I believe the WEATHER “changes”…because there’s Winter,Summer,Spring…..its natural and this occurs “frequently”,I also believe that change is a “frequent” word used even in place of “Replace”

I believe when “Things change” it changes because its a “Thing” and occurs frequently……….as u read this,maybe an idea of something that changes just came to your head? Good! I’m glad!………but if living things,for example humans come into your head,congratulations you have just failed this examination!

PEOPLE,ANIMALS,PLANT etc(if there’s any other) DON’T CHANGE!……..they MOVE ON!

*We move on from crying to laughing
*We move on from sending paper mail to sending Emails
*We move on from being “good” to being “bad”(due to life experiences and conditions we dim best to suit our lives or just as a result of what other people “think” we are)
*We move on from being a Christian to being a Muslim,because we’ve decided its good for us
*We move on from loving someone to hating them,and loving another

(Love on the other hand can change! Because its infinite! Love can change to Hate,but this has in no way,affected the personality of the lover or who he/she is loving,but has affected his or her opinion,which leads to learning from experiences to prevent you from making the same mistake and moving on)

………..In my 22yrs,I’ve heard people say “He has changed,he’s no longer who he used to be” I’ve heard them say “Be careful of friends from your past,you don’t know who they are now”……..I’ve also heard them say “The little boy has grown into a man” or “The little girls dream has come true as a woman”………If CHANGE is constant,and it takes place in the lives of the living,why then,does a man have a collection of cars,which were once his toys? Why does a woman,plan her wedding exactly the way she has always wanted it,even as a child,why do we strive so much to be like or not like our parents? Why? Why? Why?Why don’t we just lose that boy or girl and grow up on our own?……..arrrr,yea right! How do u plan to do that? Exist without having being a baby? :s , become a lawyer without having gone to law school?or go from being a lawyer tonight and a doctor tomorrow? WOW!………Hold on don’t lose me, you can do that? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN’T !

The reason,if you ask me,(which you’re not asking,but I’m just gonna go ahead and answer) is that Humans,don’t change! The word CHANGE is fondly used instead of the word GROW

We have grown,past walking,into flying,We have grown past the cassette,into the DVD……….We have grown with Technology,we have grown with life lessons,that’s why we buy the new cars,wear the latest designs, and make new friends……….If humans were to CHANGE,I believe we’d live forever,going from being a child,to an adult and then back to being a child to continue the chain!

This is simple Arithmetic,We are born,we “Grow” and we die!

The proportion in which humans exist is CHANGE because its Infinite,but there’s no change in the life we live,none at all,we just Grow and Evolve.

Basically,I am saying there’s more to the word “change” than we recognize,and its often misused and confused

I could go 10pages writing about this,but then,you won’t read my blog again because you’re just wonderful and there are other topics to checkout 😉

“To CHANGE as humans,is to stop existing entirely,as who you were,into someone new and keeping up with the chain,anybody who can do that say AMEN AMEN! ——— LionessAllison

Oh,feel free to login your opinion! I may just be wrong!

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