So Cleopatra isn’t Beautiful?

Published October 17, 2011 by lionessallison

It is not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cry so much,here I am,wondering again,why this was done,wondering about what I know or thought I knew,wondering about the tales I was told as a child……..tales of Achilles,tales of Helen Princess of Troy,tales of Cleopatra,tales of Oduduwa,Sango,Oya,My Lord Jesus Christ……..and other symbolic gods and people of our past.

I have heard different versions of stories of these people that I don’t know which is right anymore!………some of these gods and idols and people aren’t who they’ve been made believe they are,I just found out Cleopatra is just absolutely not beautiful,Helen of Troy wasn’t said to be physically beautiful,but had an attractive body and a beautiful character…….we all know “Father Christmas” is fake, I still don’t know how a man falls from heaven to impregnate so many women to create the entire race in Nigeria except he is the Devil! That’s the only person I can confirm fell from heaven from my Bible,so I’m not sure about this Oduduwa guy yoruba’s “might” have made up,whom was said to be the one different tribes came from?

And talking about the Bible(Forgive me Lord Jesus if this is a sin) I have a Bible app on my phone with over 20 different types of the Original Bible’s (which we don’t know what the Pope(I don’t mean to annoy anyone) did with it) translation…….only God knows who know Him!……..the King James version which is said to be the best translated isn’t even complete!(I believe in God and God only still)

I sent a broadcast on my BBM which I got from someone,concerning a movie that depicts Jesus wrongly…….I sent that broadcast hoping to stop the view of the movie at least in Nigeria or Africa if we could,I’d still love for it to be stopped!…….but someone on my contact list “Uncle Jeffery Daniel”( some of you may know him as he was one of Michael Jackson’s dancers and a good friend of his) called me to correction,telling me that broadcasting to stop the movie will only make it popular,and if christians really want to stop the mockery of christ,We can start by putting a stop to the existence of Santa,which a lot of kids now idolize! He sighted other things that opened my eyes,we’ve been told plenty lies…………..most of the things we do are lies!

I particularly HATE and LOATH and DESPISE the rules of the society! I hate it when we do things because other people feel its the right thing to do,but have u ever stopped to think for one minute it might all be a lie? It might be something some old fucktards came up with to make their lives easier? That the stories you were told as a child were just to make you think a particular way? I know I won’t die sitting on a mortal now,but I was dead scared of that shit when I was young!

I wonder why there has to be a wedding ceremony,I wonder why we must all have our own children and it not be a taboo to adopt just because I don’t want to breast feed,I wonder why many things!………What will you feel,right now,if you find out you’ve been living a lie,if someone comes to you with an old book where all the things you think you had to do was just a made up story?

A friend told me, “how would Hollywood sell if Cleopatra was ugly?” LMAO!

That, just proved that we can all make up stuff just for our own benefits…… careful what you make up though,it might just be someone’s DOOM

I don’t blame researchers for being so curious!………..*shrug* Shrug*———-read the link below for the Article that showed Cleopatra’s face on a coin with Mark Anthony

Happy one month birthday to my BLOG between!

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2 comments on “So Cleopatra isn’t Beautiful?

  • We are all defiantly living a big horrible sad pathetic life ! I found out tons of made up crap too. I try very hard to live religion out of my dialogues and or discussion but then again it the cornerstone of our existence. We can go on ! The gods, afterlife, reincarnation, etc ….. In my search for truth I realized lies are just more easy. Believe me there is such a thing as too much truth. And the truth doesn’t always set you . Infact it comes with a huge padlock and shackles. Congrats on ur one month, miss blogger. Its a wonderful piece. Can’t wait to read more. P.S Helen of Troy was a hornyass mute bitch !

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