The World Has GONE MAD!!!!!!

Published October 28, 2011 by lionessallison

I don’t know if I should say I’m furiously angered,or filled with pity for the world and its youth! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

This,I’d like to blame on the society again!

Do you believe anybody can do anything?…….if you do,you don’t have the correct mind set

This is what people have come up with to sooth their situation,to make themselves feel comfortable walking into destruction! Its like marrying that guy that hits you all the time,there you are walking down the alter,your guts tells you to run,but because the Fucking society has told you,”you can make it work with anybody”,you went ahead and married him……..12 months later,you’re dead!


I was going through twitter yesterday,and I stumbled on someone’s tweet,it says “hmmmm, I don’t know if I should do fashion design or be a wedding planner (excited)”…………..see,I don’t hate on ambition,but I was furious to realize,that young lady probably has a good job that pays her very well,is tired of it,and wants to try something else just because….. I decided I would Blog about this,but not this early,until someone on twitter made me this early because the person replied to my tweet saying “Anybody can do anything SWEETs,its just a matter of if they want to do it”……….Like seriously? I’m out of my mind! I feel I have to open the world’s brain and put some sense into it! Fuck!

Know how I feel as you read this,because if you do and don’t learn anything from this I’m gonna be furious with you too! (Not that I’d know 0_0)

In Nigeria,the percentage of the Rich to the poor is 40% — 60% (in my opinion) and the primary reason those poor are still poor is maybe partly the Governments fault and MAJORLY theirs!…….sharing my experience will make this easier, I wasn’t always rich,my mum,is from a wealthy family,so is my dad,he is actually royalty,but somehow that,didn’t affect our financial status,see,my dad always wanted to be a Doctor,and my mum was gonna go to the US to study before she met my dad and got pregnant…..because of the situation,none of them both could have their dreams come true,due to this,we children, ESPECIALLY me! Because I’m the last had to suffer for it! My dad wanted to make sure we all went to school! And that right there,is the problem of 50% low class people in this country.

We are six of us,4 of them are graduates,one is still in school,and me? I dropped out twice!

The 1st child is doing pretty well with his own security company,he studied Banking and Finance 0_o, the 3rd child studied Industrial and Labor Relations,graduated with a second class upper,but after she had searched for jobs 3years she decided to go into sales. She deals in the retail of shoes and she makes more money than the 2nd child who studied Law and works for the Lagos state Government!!!! Oh,wait,don’t go yet I’m just starting, the 3rd child is 7 years older than I am,and I’ve been making more money than she is right now since I was 15 0_o (yes,God is kind to me) but I was kinder to myself to expose myself to the right things! Most of the young ones in school don’t even know what they want to do with their future,they are just in school for the sake,and because they believe if they graduate as an Engineer they can be an Engineer! I hope you do know Engineering is a talent? Do u have it?………….I have friends who have graduated and served the country but don’t even know what they want!……………since I was 10 I KNEW,I was gonna be here today,I knew,where I know today that I’d go tomorrow.

Look at the Music industry,there are now so many artists,I can’t remember their names,I know some people who have been singing for years no hit,no recognition,and they’re still their believing! Believing is good,but realizing what is not good for you is better!

I’ve been modeling for 7years,new models come up every minute,I don’t go for casts anymore,but I still get jobs,they call me directly from home,they renew old contracts…… this because there aren’t enough models? No its not,its because there are few MODELS!

If you have the mind set “You can DO anything you want” you better start to change it,with “You can DO anything you can DO” Not everything you want,you can do,not everything you want you need,please don’t be foolish,with your future,nobody gives a damn anymore,you’d be left hanging on the alter watching your friends fly away with the love of their lives!

Seriously,what were you thinking going to that uni to study what your parents wanted you to?

What were you thinking going to that uni without a plan for your future?

What were you thinking going to that uni when you should be at a carpentry school,a football camp,a well equipped world class fashion institute,a dance school,an art school? (To think we don’t have these in Nigeria,I am totally ignoring those one legged things they call art schools here)

All graduates here,(girls especially) now leaves school,with the same plan, To sell clothes and shoes,Brazilian weave and makeup,I’m glad for you,but is this what you want? Do you think you can succeed with this? If you know you can’t,then go back,to the root,where you made this mistake and correct it!

Napoleon Said “KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO BE,THEN GO LEARN IT” not the other way round! Its not that hard to be smart!

I was once stupid,I wanted to study Medicine,I was even more stupid because I knew what I want and should be,I just wanted the Title Dr…….and boy! Does my Dad LOOOoVE it!

Crying to God asking why you’re not successful? Check yoself……I mean,

What were you thinking?…………you must have been MAD,Gone MAD With The World!!!!!!!!

(Very much relieved to share this)
(Expect a part2 and Still expect a part2 of Sex and the Kiddies 🙂 ) have a thoughtful day!

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4 comments on “The World Has GONE MAD!!!!!!

  • This is enough said. Adding any thing more will be to sound like a broken record. School is over rated ! After wasting so much time schooling cos its the norm, I modeled through out school and I’m working as an entrepreneur in land freight having totally nothing to do with my science back ground and industrial relations training (wasted fucking years) school is good cos the exposure could be fun but how would we get back those years? I see kids that are intelligent but not brilliant yet they are forced to go to school while they fail constantly. A friend that wouldv been better of owning a beauty place (spa or saloon) having to lie she’s in unilag and waste all her years. I wish our parents here studied their kids properly and allowed them  the right part cos really, every kid shows traits of things they’d be outstanding in our parents just want to correct their mistakes in us. Loads of lawyers and engineers borrow money from the trader friends. I’ll stop here

  • My sister and I were discussing earlier today and I was telling her how wrong n misinformed parents are. They tell you to go to school,study hard,come out with excellent grades and then you will get a “good” job. That worked well in the eighties and not anymore. We have thousands of graduates yearly with no organised system to absorb them. The sad part is parents leave no room for alternatives and its often after graduating that you realise you have wasted valuable time pursuing your parents dreams instead of yours…very frustrating. While I’m an advocate for education,I believe kids should be encouraged to pursue THEIR passion be it technical or professional, rather than their parents’.

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