Women Are The Same…….Men Are The Same

Published November 20, 2011 by lionessallison

I hear it all the time!……..my Ex-Boyfriend sings it to my hear,my friends won’t give me rest about it,strangers openly,blindly,freely and stupidly admit it!

All Women are the same………All Men are the same

I personally don’t believe in that crap,but it seems I’m the only one who ACTUALLY(meaning I don’t see sense in it really,not that I just don’t want to admit it like so many other people,just because they want to be seen as different…..only if you knew where different people are kept) DON’T

Since everyone believes Women Are The Same……Men Are The Same,I’ve decided to move with the flow….I mean,that’s life right? When people you barely know come up with a rule you just FOLLOW it! (I said that with a face of disgust)

So,its time for you not to get upset when someone (ME) makes you see that your mother is as disgusting as that Ex-Girlfriend of yours who sleeps around (at least to your father,don’t be deceived if they’re still together)….time for you to know that your father is just exactly the same as the DICK who hits you every time he’s insecure…….time for you to recognize the huge similarity between your mother and that nagging BITCH……..time for you to realize your father and that boyfriend of yours who sleeps with every puss,cat,dog,bird,rat,cat(I think I mentioned that before) etc on the streets,aren’t so different after all……time for you to break the code your mother and that unsatisfied gold digging Girlfriend of yours,have the same thing between their legs! (Wu,I’m enjoying this)………time for you to measure and find out the size of your dads penis is just the same as that small,unsatisfying,selfish,no fuck giving,no money bringing,controlling bastard you call a Boyfriend/Husband……..time for you to weigh,your mothers mouth,is as huge as that,self-centered,fish brianiac,nagging,no respect giving,unsatisfied,demanding,vagina smelling Girlfriend/Wife of yours!


If this post upsets you,whether its my Vulgarity,Choice of word,disgusting truth you’ve just realized or don’t want to admit,and you’ve once acknowledged the so called “fact” That ….Women Are The Same…….Men Are The Same? YOU ARE A FUCKING HYPOCRITE and should be shot!

I’d quickly like to say…..My mum is the most wonderful woman on earth,My dad,Nobody loves me like that man does (though they’re nat perfect,they definitely are NOTHING LIKE YOURS)

“Mistakes Are made So That We Can Learn A Lesson,But We Really Don’t Learn,Because If We Did Learn,Another Person Won’t Make That Mistake” ——–> MICHAEL

“Be Careful The Books You Read,The Songs You hear,The People You Listen To Or Take As Your Role Model,The Rules You Follow,The Quotes You Believe in,Because The Person Behind Them Is As Normal A human As You,And Nothing Has Proved,That They Are Smarter Or Lived A Better Life Full Of Wisdom,Knowledge And Understanding” ————> LionessAllison

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