In Lust With His Body….In Love With His Art…. @RyanLeslie

Published November 22, 2011 by lionessallison

Some very few minutes ago, I thought of Ryan Leslie, I thought of his music,I thought of his genius,I thought of him coming to Nigeria,I thought of my plan to steal his strategy of using the internet for my art…………………..oh….how I love that guy!

I thought of the fact that he has a hot super model girlfriend,and I rolled my eyes………Ryan Leslie

Alright! Alright! Enough of the poems already!…….gist time!

I just got an email on my phone and it subjects “Ryan Leslie” I had the strangest look on my face I can’t quite describe….I was a bit excited wondering what was going on,until I realized I signed up to get feeds on his website…….yea,I know! how saddening!

I won’t be sharing my very plenty love for R-Les today,but I will be sharing the email I got!

If you’re nat a fan of this guy,……….then YOU ARE DEFF DUMB *InNikki’sVoice*


I wanted to give you an update on the new album and say thank you for everything that you’ve done so far to support me and my dedication to sharing my art with the world.

I’m currently ramping up to release LES IS MORE as the World’s first visual album. The visual content will be released between now and next summer and include an intimate look into the studio session of each record. Thanks to you, these studio sessions have been the foundation for over 43 million views on YouTube already. Wow.

In addition to the studio sessions, this visual album will also include high level documentary style music videos that give you a window into the places, lifestyle and dreams that have inspired each song.

I’ve decided that this year I am going full speed ahead on creating the best art I can create. Even though I will still be producing for other people, my commitment to making music and videos for you is my #1 priority. I want to give you something you will be excited to share with friends, family, and everyone – so one day soon we will be 1MM people strong on Facebook and Twitter and show the world that hard work, loving fans, and real creativity and music are valuable to us and valuable to culture!

The first installment is this video of the studio session for “Beautiful Lie” which I posted on facebook and already has 2800 likes. Click to watch:

YouTube :

The music video for “Beautiful Lie” will be out soon and I shot it in Paris with the Gullwing and the “Double E’s” just like I said I would!!!

So…go click, watch, share – and let everyone know we’re coming for the belt!!!!

Yours always,

Ry ”

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