Published November 30, 2011 by lionessallison

Everybody hates being compared,but when I say I HATE BEING COMPARED, I mean it!……..Really 0_0

This post was inspired by the very common Nigerian phrase “All Lagos girls are the same “Gold digging Sluts”

I am a Lagos girl,I was born and raised in Lagos, and I don’t sleep around for money!…….. Truth be told though,I just honestly can’t blame why the phrase is being used, 90percent of Lagos babes sleep around for money,the 10 percent left are kids who are still growing up(with possibility to join the trade) , faithful married women,and girls like me who are just disgusted by old men (I love my dad though)

Every 18year olds wants to drive a car! Who the fuck is your father? Are you even done with high school yet? Every 19year olds wants to attend the hottest party,meet the richest people,live the richest life,when your parents are at home thinking of how to pay your school fees cos you’re at school studying so hard!

Everybody wants to be rich or richer! Including the men you sleep with,who do we blame when he kills you for rituals? Did I hear you say God?…… God punish you! Thunder fire your mouth!……….when your friend,whom you know her father isn’t rich enough to buy her a car drives one,and you feel the need to step up your game,when your father can’t afford it,you’re the dumbest girl alive! Well,aren’t most of you dumb! 0_0

But then,I won’t blame you too,I’d blame the Senators,Governors,etc who flock after ya’ll……..men old enough to be your grand fathers!…….they are now even tired of killing you for rituals,they have decided to legalize the damn thing! So that nobody holds them for shit! and they could make money from it……….I hope someday one of their daughters come to them to say “Dad,you know what? I think I’ve finally found the profession I’m good at, its prostitution”………..Mr President is included in this list(as I know no decision is made without your go ahead abi?)….do you have a daughter? WATCHOUT

Shame on Nigeria,Creating the wrong environment,Creating the avenue for these girls…….what happened to schooling? Proper education? What happened to your root NIGERIA! I am ASHAMED of you!

Shame on the world for being this messed up!

I am now afraid to have a child,cos I don’t think there’s a better place to raise them,they all want to grow up,we try to make them slow down,and sometimes,most times our efforts aren’t good enough!

They all want to fly without ;crawling,walking,running jumping,they want to be free without knowing what freedom really is, its such a big shame,that I am so confused about it,I am confused if something can ever be done,I am confused about my wanting to change how people think……..

What more can I say?…………………….

The world keeps getting bitter by the day………….and next time you want to use the phrase “all Lagos girls are prostitutes,think it over,some of us sleep around with getting paid”

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