How I Live Life To The FULLEST

Published December 1, 2011 by lionessallison

Why do I have the feeling this post will be voluminous?………….ah!…I know,my life is,YES Voluminous!

Music……all genre

Being sad is good for your soul

Being happy is the key to great health

Imagination unlimited,unedited

Fantasy so real

My own world

No limitations

No boundaries


Think the negative and positive,nothing helps you appreciate life more

Listen to your God only

The joy after your sorrow and pain is bliss and a blessing on its own

Sorrow and pain is necessary,if you limit yourself to certain things,the only thing you’ll feel is sorrow….

Love…Happiness…Sadness….grief…These are emotions necessary for your soul,feed it!

I most time wonder how I got where I am today?….how I could write an article and people are so amazed by it,how I could think something and its considered extraordinary,how I’ve been hurt a million times before and I still drool over the “IDEA OF LOVE”……how,how many times I had fallen, I am still as relentless as I started,how I find it difficult to hate things I once loved and not love things I used to hate… I got here?

I have been Living Life To Its Fullest!

I listen to music like I’d never hear another,if its sad,I am sad with it,if its happy,I am excited about it……

When people say “You never know what you have until its gone” I like to believe it means the same as you’ll never know the true meaning of happiness until you have been sad!

You’ll never know what it means to be free until you have been a slave!

Allow yourself! Be sad! If you have no reason to be sad,be sad for someone else,this is REALLY what life is about!

I would say I never want to get married because of my mothers pain,but who said I would make my mothers mistake? Who said HE will be just like my father,who said I couldn’t try…………….we are all here to learn,and till we die,we will keep learning!(Even though recently I have learned most people don’t learn,they say things they don’t know,things they won’t do)

Practice WHAT YOU PREACH,stand your ground!………..gosh,I want to cry right now cos I’m thinking most of you don’t even know what it means to have principles and stand by it!

When you do this; then you can stand in front of your mirror and want to kiss who you see,you’re amazed at how you’ve grown,at how you know what you want and you’re going after it,or you got it!

Don’t be afraid,don’t let someone else’s opinion count in YOUR LIFE……don’t scare to explore,free your mind,imagine the craziest things!

………People would say,”its just a dream” don’t let them deceive you, dreams come true!

I was in my sewing room early today,I was with one of my interns and her sister,I was seated on my dress cutting table,when I realized I had seen this before,it was “like” “Dejavu” I was quiet for a while, and then I remembered,one of the days when I was young,and I would lock myself up in my room and I would cry to God about my misery………..just so I could stop crying,I would IMAGINE the kind of future I wanted………….now, have I made clear where my Dejavu came from?…….it wasn’t a dream,No,not at all!
I IMAGINED A SCENE YEARS BACK! And NOW I AM LIVING that scene…… I couldn’t hold my tears back,it was one of those moment you can’t and shouldn’t stop from happening………….that was another period of transition in my life.

I am Emotional,yes I know this,and I am grateful to God Almighty that I am here today,and I can say,without a doubt,without regrets,………


I am right now listening to ADELE – Someone Like You, it helps me say the right things,I do hope you don’t lose your voice ADELE,you’re blessing to my soul 😀

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