The Power Of Prayer

Published March 6, 2012 by lionessallison

Before I commence talking on this PRAYER topic, I’d like to clarify, due to the comments I’ve been getting, THAT THIS IS NOT A MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP BLOG, IT IS AN EDUCATIONAL SITE. I post here general topics that people can relate to and learn from based on my experiences and things around me, I AM NOT A LOVE DOCTOR, I can only give advice according to the knowledge God has given me through PRAYER and bible studies……

I had since had the book called “the power of a praying wife” by Stormie Omartian , I am not married, though I’m presently not single, I had it when I was young, obviously didn’t need it,but just because I was and still am a girl that loves to get knowledge, I kept the book. I was recently going through my library and there it was,laying all dusty and calling for my pity, so I picked it up……

We all wake up in the morning, go brush our teeth,have our bath, get ready and head to work, and when we’re done from work, we head home, freshen up go to bed and rest for the next day. We do this every other day! Why? Because its NORMAL, that’s the normal life we all live,taking every single day as it comes. Lord knows I hate this phrase, I guess its because I see it very differently so. Everything is always normal, until you wake up one morning and can’t move your legs, everything is normal until you wake up and can’t see a thing, everything is always normal until you have no job to go to. To every other person, it is normal,because it happens every other day, but is it NORMAL to you? Who cannot walk or see or feed yourself and your family? Good! You guessed the answer HECK NO its NOT……..

The book of Proverbs 1:22 says “how long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity?” How long will everything be normal? How long will you realize life is not complicated though not simple? Why don’t you be extraordinary,and perfect in Gods eyes, and see that knowing and talking to God makes life not complicated, simple and definitely not normal but PERFECT…. When you live a life of simplicity, it means you are void of Understanding and Wisdom and the only person who can give you understanding is God………

Stormie has been married for almost thirty years now, and about a half of these years she lived in misery,marriage misery, until she found a way out! I’m rolling my eyes right now cause I know you just thought divorce! No! Think again, Yes! PRAYER. Prayer is everything in man’s life and trust me! It isn’t normal, pray to God and find a way out of your normal everyday life.

The Prayer

Prayer does work, and now that you know this, every other thing in life, is one step after another, I’m not telling you not to go on your knees right now and make a list of complains of things you don’t want to God, but I am telling you, to be able to get the GRACE of tendering a list to God, you need to ask for the grace of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding with Strength to allow you ask for the right things and pursue only God’s commandments. A lot of us want too many things that aren’t suitable to us and our future, we want things based on our environment and things that we think or feel we need, but know this, God doesn’t always want the same for you as you want for yourself, now , the thought of changing your destiny might come to mind here, don’t get me wrong,I’m not saying you cannot change your destiny or what God wants for you to something you want, you definitely can, when you’ve convinced Him that you’re better of with it and you want Him to make it good for you. But how can you convince him so? Prayer, pray to Him for Wisdom because a wise man doesn’t go astray, when you have wisdom , God is assured that whatever you ask for is out of knowledge and understanding not vainness………

Start today, pray to God, tell him to give you wisdom……and TRUST ME! EVERYTHING BECOMES EXTRAORDINARY

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