Published March 9, 2012 by lionessallison

Do you have a raised eyebrow? Did this topic catch your attention so much you want to see my confession?…. GOSSIP!…. But I won’t hold this on you, this is between me, God, and YOU, Yes YOU!…… You’ve been as ungrateful as me, if not more ungrateful………

Lately, you must have noticed me write about a book I’m reading now by Stormie Omartian “The Power Of A Praying Wife” well, if you have, you will continue to see it for a while. I woke up this morning with so lot of thoughts in my head; Bills, work, family etc, and I became not sad,but bothered,and I started questioning God. I noticed He ignored me,so I did my morning bible studies, I am in the book of Proverbs reading for Good and Evil, Wise and Foolish (I’d recommend this for you). When I was done with that, I was added in knowledge and my spirit was filled again, I then picked up this book by Stormie, while reading…….

First Lesson

I had been so caught up in my bother that it kept playing a game of “peek a boo” in my head while I read the book, so I stopped reading, with the book still open in my hands,I started questioning God again,but this time, I didn’t ask Him, why this,why that, I thought of the people around me,and how they don’t have the Grace of Knowledge that I do, and I started to cry, telling Him how much I want to keep this Grace, How much I would give up everything and everyone as long as I have this Grace to talk to Him, the Grace to feel His presence in me, I was hoping for a conversation with Him, but instead, He gave me a reply and left me with my thinking (because he trusts me to think “well”)….. He said “So, be happy in this Grace” …… I became lost in my thoughts, I began to see how ungrateful I had been, He showed me the book in front of me, He made me realize the knowledge He was giving me, Power of knowledge which even the writer didn’t have at my age or stage in life, He reminded me of my age and how young I still am,but showed me all the wonderful things I’d done in and with my life, Oh I’m UNGRATEFUL.

……. I not only wake up well in the morning, I not only have enough to eat, I not only have a job to attend to,I not only have a family united, I not only have people who love me around me, I not only have Wisdom from God, I HAVE GOD

Second Lesson

This morning while I was thinking and questioning God, before I picked up the book, I remember telling Him, “Find a solution,bring a helper, bring a name, bring a great idea! And I want it TODAY”………. See, if you’ve been told that there’s some knowledge or skill to be learned somewhere, you have been deceived…. God is the Almighty planner, the book of Proverbs 16 : 9 says ” A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps ” ….. Only God can give you an idea and only Him can establish it!

…….. I had read the book past where I realized my UNGRATEFULNESS, she was talking about how a woman has to pray for her husband even when he’s hurt her so much she just wants revenge, I didn’t know how this happened because I was supposed to be focus on this book, I know whenever I pray, I would pray to God to use me, I didn’t know how that was gonna happen, I knew my talents , I knew my job, I knew how I love to help others, I knew God wants to use me and I want him to, I just didn’t know how………. While I was meditating on my work and bother,walking round my room, saying “God I want a great idea TODAY!” Trust me, I didn’t think it would happen this morning or few minutes later!

What if I tell you, that as I am speaking to you right now, He’s given me an idea, that will change my ENTIRE life………. You know the kinda idea Steve Jobs had when he came up with Apple?

I had tears in my eyes, I was short of words, and I thought to myself, I have to share this with the world…………

You have been UNGRATEFUL……. Thank God today, pass the message around, and “so, BE HAPPY IN THIS GRACE”

Note: I do hope you understand that phrase,and I do hope that you pass this around …. Keep yo eyes open for the next topic which shoulda come 1st before this ( The Law Of Waiting)

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3 comments on “I AM UNGRATEFUL

  • Aint we all ungrateful at some point. But God is God and not man. Is all knowing and seeing and I guess he’ll forgive a sincere apology.an other powerful piece here.

  • Very good information and facts, many thanks to the creator. This is puzzling to me today, but in general, the effectiveness and relevance is overwhelming. Really much thanks again and best of luck!

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