What We Wish They Knew

Published March 21, 2012 by lionessallison

In relationships, be it over , ongoing , or about to ……. Every woman has a thought, it could be doubts, it could be something she wants him to know or wishes he knows or wants him to see,it could be how she wants or wishes he’d treat her, or love her….no matter what it is, there’s always something every Woman Want Her Man To Know.

I spoke with a couple of women, whom I picked because of their uniqueness, openness, and intelligence…. Here’s what they’ve got to say………..


A fashion Designer and friend
(In a relationship)

I Want Him To Know

” That I’ve done so many things I’m not proud of in d past that have gone a long way in making me the strong lady I am today.

That I suddenly realize I never knew love until I met him.

That each time I cry in pain,after looking up to God,the thought of him afterwards could make it go away.

That every bold step I’ve taken/every new(good)thing I’ve struggled to practice,I’ve done because I want to make him proud.

That each time I get angry at him and say all sorts,its not because I don’t love him no more,but because he’s able to get me that pissed cos he means a whole lot.

That I appreciate and acknowledge every step he has taken to make us work and it makes me feel safe.

That I really love him as much as I say and couldn’t have asked for better.

That hurting or letting him down is something I’d rather die than do.

That most times I get selfless when I pray for him saying,”I’d rather it happens to me than happen to him”.

That I’d never want him away from me cos my life would be so meaningless.

That I’d never want our love story to end cos he has so quickly become the most significant part of me.

That this is nothing else but love in its most sincere and natural state.”


Model and friend
(In a relationship)

I Wish He Knew

” I wish he knew that if I had his heart 4 sure not going anywhere!

I wish I could tell him about my escapades n sexcapades n he’d still love me

I wish I could be n open book 2 him n he’d still love me

I wish I didn’t have 2 pretend so much

I wish he knows d real me and love me all d same

I wish he knows how 2 handle d love I have 4 him

I wish I could tell him what am thinking as I am thinking it but 4 fear that it would be 2 much 4 him ”


Good friend

I Wish He Knew

” I wish He Knew When It was Really Over

Meaning b4 breaking up officially there musta been something that happened or he did which made it over emotionally n u continued anyway to try n make it work”


Business Woman and Sister

I Wish He Knew

“I wish he showed how much he cared instead of worrying so much about how his men would perceive him

I wish he wasn’t so egocentric and was quite romantic again


(In a relationship)

To my Exs n So on….

” I wish you knew I was but a child and acknowledged my intelligence at an early stage

I wish you didn’t make me waste my time thinking something will happen

I wish you’d have been more open with me, cos you’d have what you wanted anyway

I wish you hadn’t seen all women the same way, you wouldn’t be living the way you are living now

I wish I’d seen how much of an asshole you were then and saved my feelings for someone better

I wish you would see through my eyes and not the eyes that judges me

I wish you would listen to me, instead of hearing the lies you were told

I wish you trusted me

I wish you could see me just as I am

I wish you loved me half a quarter as much as I loved you

I wish you were God fearing as you said you were

I wish you knew how much I prayed and fasted just for your happiness

I wish you knew how much pain you caused me with the words you said to me

I wish you didn’t go silent on me

I went into our relationship with no expectations, I wish you did the same

I wish you didn’t paint a picture in your head

I wish you didn’t have to be so far away

I wish I didn’t have to share you

I wish you could’ve been more open and honest with me and not shut me out

I wish you could see how much I gave just to keep you

I wish you didn’t have to stage “The macho man” for your friends when I know you’re weak

I wish you didn’t try so hard to get me when you knew you wouldn’t try as hard to keep me

I wish you didn’t have to hurt me just for the fun of it

I wish you could see how much I wasn’t pretending with you and how much I’d given you too much information just so you could see I’m real

I do agree I had been too good to be true, I think, but only God has made me so, n what shall I do?

Would you prefer me use abusive and cursive words like the other?

I wish you didn’t treat me any differently just because I’m expected to have culture

I wish you’d respond to the above saying ” I wish you knew I treated you differently because I cared truly”

But you’re never going to say that will you?

…. if only you could truly see how much good I want u,

If only you could see how much pain you’ve caused me and I love you

If only u could wait and not have to wait long after

And I also want you to know that I LOVE YOU…..even if I had to leave you.

……………. A lot of us must wish in our minds that the people we are referring to, reads this, chances are they won’t! There’s always a lot a woman wants to say, most of which she never gets to say…….. If you could see into your woman’s heart then you’ll know how PRICELESS women are……….. Ask your mum, easiest way for you to know how to treat your woman 🙂

I might just write a book on this?

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