Published April 12, 2012 by lionessallison

I am not American, but these cases happen all over the world, the only difference from there and Nigeria is no one cares if a policeman shoots someone in a hoody, suit , jean! NOBODY cares, so it never gets talked about! Policemen kill people here everday and absolutley nothing is done, and this is just heartbreaking………..


Now that George Zimmerman has been arrested, I guess we will start to see those opposed to a conviction begin to emerge. This is a rhetorical question but worthy of asking. Does anyone remember the feeling the world had on 9/11? Remember the senators were all praying and singing together on the senate floor no less? How would you say they’re getting along now?  How would you say the emotional state of the country is now about 9/11.  Let’s just say it’s a little different than it was then…. the emotions are gone.

One thing I noticed in this case is that when people come together for a common goal things happen. However, I believe the larger message in this is lost to the ‘sin’sationalism of the story. The media is only able to stay relevant as long as they are able to excite emotions. There is actually more good news to report…

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