Get It Eventually 

Published February 27, 2016 by lionessallison

I’m not the type to give life advices, you should all know, I don’t want to have a blog that tells you how to live your life , wear your lipstick, or arrange your house .
I’m just a girl , who sees beyond what eyes should see, and loves to share , regardless of the reduction in humans ability to learn and increase in opinions.
It’s been a while I did this , I know every time I say I’ll be back full , this time I pray God helps me I’m back consistently again because I really do love doing this , but honestly, as I grow older , see and hear better, I truly realize how diverse the world is , how diverse our thoughts are and conclude that ” NOT ALL THINGS WORTH SHARING MUST BE SHARED AND NOT ALL KNOWLEDGE WORTH GIVING IS TO BE GIVEN ” – { LionessAllison ( original quote ) } 

Now to why I’m doing this .
I saw a word picture on Instagram today, it says ” eventually you’ll end where you need to be , with who you’re meant to be with , and doing what you should be doing ” 
Very powerful saying don’t you think ? Yes I thought that too , until a second after thinking that I had a million flashes of how hard I’ve been trying, though I keep growing I am yet to be where I want to be , with who I want to be with and only partially doing want I want to do.

I always say , not all seemingly wise sayings are wise, in fact if you don’t doubt what you see to find your own truth there’s no hope for you ( FACT ) . 
Here’s my twist to that saying ” if you don’t do what you NEED to do , make SACRIFICES ,and give EVERYTHING, you will never ” eventually ” end up where you ” need ” to end up and with who you want and with what you want to do. Let me just tell you ! Brother , sister , I’m addressing you as such because this is coming from a deep place of knowing……. The original quote I saw from Instagram has misled people to think that no matter what they do they will have what they’ve always wanted  ,but that’s a fucking lie , you won’t if you don’t do the NECESSARY, and I am glad for the choice of words whoever wrote this decided to use , probably blind to the fact that they used it , it supports my notion. 
Eventually and need , which as you can see above I quoted them . Eventually is a word that makes whoever reads this relax , it gives them hope ( don’t worry , you’re uneducated but you’ll eventually get your dream job , ( and when I mean education I mean both professional education and formal education) , don’t worry you have a shitty attitude but you’ll find an amazing wife who will put up with it , don’t worry you’re an extremely bad person but you’ll grow old and die with so much love around you ) . That’s the kind of hope , lesson,  eventually brings to this quote . Need however is very subtle in the above quote a lot of people will miss it but you know I won’t ! Need is what defines it , you’ll be where you need to be , if you’re doing what you ( think you need)  need to do , instead of what you should be doing , instead of what having your desired future requires fed to it . Yes a lot of you probably don’t know but if you want a particular life , that life needs to be fed , you need to give it what it wants , for instance, if you want to be famous you have to do things that are attached with fame , if you want to be a spiritual person you have live a certain way , learn certain uncommon knowledge , embrace certain things. So if you think you need to cross your legs living the same way , making the same choices as eventually you’ll get what you want ? I feel sorry for you because one day , you’ll wake up with your legs cross still waiting for your ” eventually ” 
I don’t believe in secrets , what good does it do ? None , instead it harms you when it’s out , however it’s inevitable to us as humans , however I beg that you have as less as possible ( coming from a presumably secretive person, which btw I am really not secretive I just keep to myself ) 

No I’m not changing the topic , that only came first because I want to tell you my secret.

I’ve always wanted to sing and write music, at 15 when I worked for a management company I did that for a while , but then I moved on to other things , however this is probably what I love doing the most , writing and singing and dancing, but I’m here , not going to the studio , just writing amazing songs while time just passes by ….. but still hoping that I die one of the greatest singer/ songwriter ever . I always wanted to care for people, make them feel better and I love the idea of science, wanting to be a doctor or a nurse has always been a childhood dream that is yet to die , but guess who dropped out of school twice to be a badass entrepreneur but yet still hoping to give a part of her life to caring for people in the medical way she’s always dreamed.

Lastly, I am fucking lonely sometimes ( this has a satisfying twist to it though ) , I don’t like to have a lot of friends, so yes sometimes I deliberately let go of friendships even when it’s not necessary, I don’t initiate a call or text, if I do it’s mostly because I need something, no mater how little it may seem ( as little as needing a good chat ) . See because of this , I rarely get calls or texts because people know I don’t call or text , hence why i don’t get out much , hence why I’m never in a relationship, hence why I have enough learning time 😉 ……. The twist to this is that I chose to have it that way , but the problem is I do get lonely sometimes, I have amazing moments so much I should be in the worlds record for it , but most of them have been for my eyes and heart only with no friends or lover to share it with , I remain like this and expect to find lasting friendship and true , crazy , amazing love ! 
This I say to myself, girrrrrrrrl you are delusional! 
You want it ? Don’t wait for eventually, because the idea of eventually is bullshit.


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