About The Lioness

I’m a christian , born into a christian family of six children, of which I am the last child of the house and NO! I’m not a spoiled brat, very far from it….

My Nursery and primary school’s were New City and Estee Nursery and primary respectively,my secondary schools were Sunbeam and St. Augustine’s Colledge respectively. Not that you care but for gossip sake, I was a first year student at the Lagos State University Epe (Engineering) and at the same school Badagry Campus (LFP) I dropped out respectively!

I am now an 8yrs working model, can’t place my mind on all the jobs I’ve done so I’ll run you through my Jobs in the past 2yrs (The ones I know of, I wouldn’t know what these agents been up to lately with my pictures)

2010 » MBGN Miss Edo (Top 15)
Face Of Coca Cola
and a lot more I can’t remember
2011 » Yo! (Energy yogurt drink from
I was out of the scene so didn’t do
2012 » Current running Jobs »
Skye Bank (I’m sure the contract
had been due for renewal but lord
knows what’s going on)
#Yo! From Nutricima
#Valeta wine (Lord knows when
this contract will end too)
And so on, I can’t remember
company names.

I am CEO Riah Group of companies , I currently run a baby company called ILÉKTRA , Which is a Fashion house of which I am head designer , the companies under Riah are; Look Republic , a fashion magazine where designers showcase their collections for sale , Feed Farm , a cassava farm located at Ogun state Nigeria , and we are on a mission to feed Africa which we’ve called FeedingAfrica and also on a mission to bring proper attention to Rape victims. We’ve called the foundation The RiahAllisonFoundation , which I dedicate to my most beautiful cousin Omowunmi Abdullahi who died after being raped. Rest In Peace Beauty.

I am also a Song writer and Singer (I see my boyfriend rolling his eyes. Not all singers are irresponsible) , I’m a writer which is very much obvious since you’re here, a motivational speaker and a christian.. I think I said that before!

I have too many hobbies you’d die of amusement if I mention them, my vision is Blindingly Huge , my goal is to live life according to Gods will which is also my aim!

Thank you for dropping by, I’ll update as soon as I add another career 😀


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