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False Advertising Or Plain Survival ?

Published September 20, 2016 by lionessallison

After a fulfilling day of book reading, scientific researching and journal writing, my brain decided to settle to a night with more relaxing thoughts.

But of course you know me , relaxing for me isn’t relaxing for an average woman,It Involves   multiple thoughts , wild imaginations and most likely ….. Don’t look at me with that eye bitch , you do it too , the only difference is I do it for a different purpose. ( don’t expect details )

The first video I clicked was British porn , which was quite interesting because , that was my first time watching British porn and , the dude had unbelievably big penis , the lady however looked 20years older , had too much makeup, excessive fake blonde extensions , fake boobies and thinks her overly fucked disfigured vagina tastes like candy ( which has to be the worst word anyone wants to hear in British accent by the way ) .

Surprisingly it was overall one of the best pornhub videos I’ve ever seen ! Yes believe it , British porn !!! Which led me into wondering about popular stereotypes known to British men and women , which led me to google.

So I googled, and found two interesting posts ; one by an American woman that lives in London and a British man who lives in the US , both sharing their thoughts and experiences with their counterparts.

Not long ago I and some close friends met a Nigerian/ British guy who had just relocated to Lagos , he explained to us how some of his Nigerian friends advised him on approaching a Nigerian woman , I’m gonna quote him ” you see a girl you like in a club , walk up to her , grab her by the hand and invite her for champagne at your table “ . Without saying a word , the look my friends and I shared simply translates ” have you ever met a more dumb ass nigga ? “  , he further states ” talking up a British girl is a lot more difficult, cause even if she’s gonna go home with you , she expects you to persuade her ” 

Now I don’t even want to go into details of what we discussed after he left , all I can say is , he would be very heartbroken and never want our paths to cross again.

This is my dilemma,  below are munchies from the articles I spoke about earlier, one thing is unanimous from the writers and this misinformed ( I just got back) Nigerian/ British man , the 3 of them agree that British men do talk their girls up for as long as she needed to give up her maybe good or at least I came vagina , and they ( British women)  do not like men who are straight forward either politely or otherwise. Now I haven’t the slightest clue if this is true or not , but I do know nobody likes a man who is too forward , especially when they’re not feeling your swag just yet.
Now before you go ahead and read the munchies, here’s my question, the American writer called the long , cute and flirty chat up  of British men ” false advertising ” because according to her everything else after that is just disappointing. The British writer also illustrated the same gesture in his article but to in a way make American men seem disrespectful towards women, while also stating that British women are reserved. So in his defense I’ve decided to call the legendary chat up survival , cause I mean mans gatto get laid , and according to all 3 I’ve concluded that the reserved ( according to British writer ) but at the same time openminded carefree British woman  ( yeah quite confused aren’t they ) is pretentious , so you gatto give it to British mans for mastering the trade , which can happen anywhere in the world . However the British writer made such an importance of the chat up so much that he called it “ top notch etiquette ” , like dude what the fuck am I supposed to do with yo etiquette? Hang it up my wall ?

So , *are British men false advertising? Because put in mind that pornstars penis was really big , but then again that’s just one guy.

* are they simply just surviving ?

* are British women pretending not to want the D but just wants you to think they’re goodie to shoes just Incase their vagina game is strong and you decide to stay forever?

* British men are ranked the second worst lovers in the world , breed the highest number of cheaters in Europe and general suck in coitus ,  how true is this fact ?

If it is, British women have my apologies for calling them pretentious, because then again they’re probably just making sure they get the smaller percentage that aren’t that bad cause I don’t imagine enduring 21 long minutes in bed or the kitchen counter with a willi that can’t will inside me .

* is it true that British men last longer in bed than others ? With the exception of Brazilians ?

* how best can a man approach a Nigerian woman ? ( I dey hail una by the way )


Get It Eventually 

Published February 27, 2016 by lionessallison

I’m not the type to give life advices, you should all know, I don’t want to have a blog that tells you how to live your life , wear your lipstick, or arrange your house .
I’m just a girl , who sees beyond what eyes should see, and loves to share , regardless of the reduction in humans ability to learn and increase in opinions.
It’s been a while I did this , I know every time I say I’ll be back full , this time I pray God helps me I’m back consistently again because I really do love doing this , but honestly, as I grow older , see and hear better, I truly realize how diverse the world is , how diverse our thoughts are and conclude that ” NOT ALL THINGS WORTH SHARING MUST BE SHARED AND NOT ALL KNOWLEDGE WORTH GIVING IS TO BE GIVEN ” – { LionessAllison ( original quote ) } 

Now to why I’m doing this .
I saw a word picture on Instagram today, it says ” eventually you’ll end where you need to be , with who you’re meant to be with , and doing what you should be doing ” 
Very powerful saying don’t you think ? Yes I thought that too , until a second after thinking that I had a million flashes of how hard I’ve been trying, though I keep growing I am yet to be where I want to be , with who I want to be with and only partially doing want I want to do.

I always say , not all seemingly wise sayings are wise, in fact if you don’t doubt what you see to find your own truth there’s no hope for you ( FACT ) . 
Here’s my twist to that saying ” if you don’t do what you NEED to do , make SACRIFICES ,and give EVERYTHING, you will never ” eventually ” end up where you ” need ” to end up and with who you want and with what you want to do. Let me just tell you ! Brother , sister , I’m addressing you as such because this is coming from a deep place of knowing……. The original quote I saw from Instagram has misled people to think that no matter what they do they will have what they’ve always wanted  ,but that’s a fucking lie , you won’t if you don’t do the NECESSARY, and I am glad for the choice of words whoever wrote this decided to use , probably blind to the fact that they used it , it supports my notion. 
Eventually and need , which as you can see above I quoted them . Eventually is a word that makes whoever reads this relax , it gives them hope ( don’t worry , you’re uneducated but you’ll eventually get your dream job , ( and when I mean education I mean both professional education and formal education) , don’t worry you have a shitty attitude but you’ll find an amazing wife who will put up with it , don’t worry you’re an extremely bad person but you’ll grow old and die with so much love around you ) . That’s the kind of hope , lesson,  eventually brings to this quote . Need however is very subtle in the above quote a lot of people will miss it but you know I won’t ! Need is what defines it , you’ll be where you need to be , if you’re doing what you ( think you need)  need to do , instead of what you should be doing , instead of what having your desired future requires fed to it . Yes a lot of you probably don’t know but if you want a particular life , that life needs to be fed , you need to give it what it wants , for instance, if you want to be famous you have to do things that are attached with fame , if you want to be a spiritual person you have live a certain way , learn certain uncommon knowledge , embrace certain things. So if you think you need to cross your legs living the same way , making the same choices as eventually you’ll get what you want ? I feel sorry for you because one day , you’ll wake up with your legs cross still waiting for your ” eventually ” 
I don’t believe in secrets , what good does it do ? None , instead it harms you when it’s out , however it’s inevitable to us as humans , however I beg that you have as less as possible ( coming from a presumably secretive person, which btw I am really not secretive I just keep to myself ) 

No I’m not changing the topic , that only came first because I want to tell you my secret.

I’ve always wanted to sing and write music, at 15 when I worked for a management company I did that for a while , but then I moved on to other things , however this is probably what I love doing the most , writing and singing and dancing, but I’m here , not going to the studio , just writing amazing songs while time just passes by ….. but still hoping that I die one of the greatest singer/ songwriter ever . I always wanted to care for people, make them feel better and I love the idea of science, wanting to be a doctor or a nurse has always been a childhood dream that is yet to die , but guess who dropped out of school twice to be a badass entrepreneur but yet still hoping to give a part of her life to caring for people in the medical way she’s always dreamed.

Lastly, I am fucking lonely sometimes ( this has a satisfying twist to it though ) , I don’t like to have a lot of friends, so yes sometimes I deliberately let go of friendships even when it’s not necessary, I don’t initiate a call or text, if I do it’s mostly because I need something, no mater how little it may seem ( as little as needing a good chat ) . See because of this , I rarely get calls or texts because people know I don’t call or text , hence why i don’t get out much , hence why I’m never in a relationship, hence why I have enough learning time 😉 ……. The twist to this is that I chose to have it that way , but the problem is I do get lonely sometimes, I have amazing moments so much I should be in the worlds record for it , but most of them have been for my eyes and heart only with no friends or lover to share it with , I remain like this and expect to find lasting friendship and true , crazy , amazing love ! 
This I say to myself, girrrrrrrrl you are delusional! 
You want it ? Don’t wait for eventually, because the idea of eventually is bullshit.

Good Or Bad 

Published October 28, 2015 by lionessallison

Written by olakunle Allison 


Good or Bad? It’s all in your head.
I have had a tough time convincing some guys that morality cannot exist in a world where we came to exist without forethought, purpose or design. That is, we exist by sheer accident. We exist as accidents of nature. 
Fortunately, the renowned English Poet and Playwright who died in the early 17th Century puts the point I’ve been trying to make to so-called graduates in the 21st Century as pointedly as possible. His name was Williams Shakespeare.
Shakespeare captures his argument succinctly (in his work “Hamlet”) thus: 
“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
In other words, morality (goodness and/or badness) doesn’t really exist in an objective manner. It’s all in your head! Now, let’s bring this moral thinking into real life situations.
That your mother or sister was raped is not really bad. It’s all in your head.
That your niece or nephew was killed in cold blooded murder is nothing bad. It’s all in your head.
That you were waylaid and robbed at gunpoint is not a bad thing. It’s all in your head.
That the 2 year old was defiled is not really bad. It’s all in your head.
That you had cancer and later AIDS is not bad. It’s all in your head.
That you had to bury your son/daughter is nothing bad. It’s all in your head. Etc.
Was Shakespeare right? Of course NOT! Perhaps it’s all in my head. Lol.
Think of anything we consider to be evil or bad today, it’s not really so. It’s only so in your head. In other words, your thinking is the problem. Your head is wrongly analyzing the situation. 
My Point.

This is what everything comes down to in a world without God. Morality is reduced to brain activity. And why not? If humans are nothing but bags of biochemicals with feelings and thoughts being controlled by brain cells, then how can we truly know that anything is wrong or right. It’s all brain activity. 
It’s either this (aforementioned scenarios) is the case or Morality is founded and grounded in a Transcendental Standard which allows us to know for certain that some things are OBJECTIVELY right while others are OBJECTIVELY wrong. Murder, rape, robbery, pedophilia etc. are all OBJECTIVELY wrong because humans irrespective of territory, tribe and tongue see them for what they are. They are NOT wrong because my “thinking” says so. They are objectively wrong WHETHER MY BRAIN AGREES OR NOT.
This is my argument for grounding Objective Moral Values and Duties in God. 
Williams Shakespeare said what he said perhaps because, according to one Philosopher Collins McGinn, Shakespeare’s moral thinking was “entirely secular”. Frankly speaking, if your worldview on morality is “entirely secular” like Shakespeare’s, you have no choice but to think that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are creations or illusions of thinking. It’s the reductio ad absurdum of secular thinking. 
But if your worldview accepts that there is a Supreme Universal Moral Law Giver, then you’d expect certain morals to be objective. That is, COMMON TO ALL. Not relative. And this is exactly what we see in the world. 
Once again, biblical Christianity makes sense of reality as it touches on morality. 
It’s not in your head. It is objectively bad.
Good morning and remain blessed.


A poem

Published September 29, 2015 by lionessallison

Let me write one on love I thought I know nothing of love , though I court 

Wondering what to think of me ? Don’t waste your thoughts 

Don’t know what to make of myself , especially when I’m in love
I lose myself to it, all that I am 

My hands are socked in broken glass laced with snow

I can smell the blood , it fucking hurts my soul

I know I’m slow
I think I’m learning, but it feels the same 

Every page I turn , no matter what angle I turn it , is the same 

It has a fame 

Someday I hope it’s tamed 
Yet again I couldn’t explain it

It’s like fire burning from my heart out to the surface of my skin

I want to scream 

But when I hold it in , it’s all too sweet 
…. I could go on , but I’m sure you get it

…. My idea of love is fucked up , I’m just Kidding 

I’ve missed it

Published June 6, 2014 by lionessallison

I can’t tell how much I’ve missed it,  talking about my favorite things,  sharing with you guys,  I have missed it

I will,  this time talk about a lot of different things compared to the usual , and I promise to not forget about you guys too soon xx

– Lioness

For A Reason

Published October 13, 2013 by lionessallison

“Story Is Fictional”

I woke up one morning, forgot to say my prayer , saw broken toys by my sisters bed, picked them up and ran out for a photo shoot I had.

My Sister woke up said prayers for the family, made some breakfast and head to school.

My dad who had already left in search for work so early was robbed off his every penny, he had to walk home, which took him hours! He was very tired and very hungry, but luckily my sister had made breakfast which had leftovers.

Finishing my shoot, I rush to a bus stop to catch a bus because I had to rush home to help my sister enter for jamb which closes today, but then I missed my bus and had to wait, when I finally got a bus it was so late and I was so fucking pissed . But on my way I saw the exact BRT bus I missed in a terrible accident, and it occurred to me I didn’t pray before leaving the house! OMG!!! But God spared my life, my sister already prayed for me.

When I got home, I saw my sister and dad laughing with our neighbours kids who had brought their toys again to play, I asked her if she was mad at me I didn’t get home in time and explained myself, but fortunately my dad was home earlier than expected so he helped her and she didn’t had to wait a whole year for her exams.

I then realised my neighbours kids were here and then I ranted about them leaving broken toys on the floor of my room as my sister could’ve mistakenly stepped on them and injured her foot this morning which would’ve probably ruined her day.

For A Reason.

There’s a reason you bought cooking oil from that igbo woman in the market today, there were 10 other sellers, there’s a reason you took out the TV plug after everyone left the house, there’s a reason you bumped into someone and spilled your coffee on their very nice sparkling white shirt that would be too embarrassing for them to wear unless they go home to change, buy one or your help them somehow.

There’s a reason for everything, very few times, the reason is your own doing, and most times, its just how the universe works, whatever you do, affects a million others, if you wake up this morning, its not just because you’re healthy and well, but also so others could be affected by you.

If you won a lottery today, its not so you could just be rich, you might come across a charity project that needs your help.

If you had an unnecessary fight with a stranger, it was probably because the person had to get to where they were going late or else their journey would be pointless.

Its easier for us to live life like its just normal, but that’s what norm people do, just live. Our lives are connected, just look around you, its not so difficult to see.

Live your life, like you’re an angel, because that’s exactly what you are, angels don’t fall from heaven, angels are you and me.


Some Words

Published June 25, 2013 by lionessallison

Its been such a long time and I missed everyone!

I’m sharing these words with you because I love you!

Please visit

Be Blessed!

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