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I’ve missed it

Published June 6, 2014 by lionessallison

I can’t tell how much I’ve missed it,  talking about my favorite things,  sharing with you guys,  I have missed it

I will,  this time talk about a lot of different things compared to the usual , and I promise to not forget about you guys too soon xx

– Lioness


For A Reason

Published October 13, 2013 by lionessallison

“Story Is Fictional”

I woke up one morning, forgot to say my prayer , saw broken toys by my sisters bed, picked them up and ran out for a photo shoot I had.

My Sister woke up said prayers for the family, made some breakfast and head to school.

My dad who had already left in search for work so early was robbed off his every penny, he had to walk home, which took him hours! He was very tired and very hungry, but luckily my sister had made breakfast which had leftovers.

Finishing my shoot, I rush to a bus stop to catch a bus because I had to rush home to help my sister enter for jamb which closes today, but then I missed my bus and had to wait, when I finally got a bus it was so late and I was so fucking pissed . But on my way I saw the exact BRT bus I missed in a terrible accident, and it occurred to me I didn’t pray before leaving the house! OMG!!! But God spared my life, my sister already prayed for me.

When I got home, I saw my sister and dad laughing with our neighbours kids who had brought their toys again to play, I asked her if she was mad at me I didn’t get home in time and explained myself, but fortunately my dad was home earlier than expected so he helped her and she didn’t had to wait a whole year for her exams.

I then realised my neighbours kids were here and then I ranted about them leaving broken toys on the floor of my room as my sister could’ve mistakenly stepped on them and injured her foot this morning which would’ve probably ruined her day.

For A Reason.

There’s a reason you bought cooking oil from that igbo woman in the market today, there were 10 other sellers, there’s a reason you took out the TV plug after everyone left the house, there’s a reason you bumped into someone and spilled your coffee on their very nice sparkling white shirt that would be too embarrassing for them to wear unless they go home to change, buy one or your help them somehow.

There’s a reason for everything, very few times, the reason is your own doing, and most times, its just how the universe works, whatever you do, affects a million others, if you wake up this morning, its not just because you’re healthy and well, but also so others could be affected by you.

If you won a lottery today, its not so you could just be rich, you might come across a charity project that needs your help.

If you had an unnecessary fight with a stranger, it was probably because the person had to get to where they were going late or else their journey would be pointless.

Its easier for us to live life like its just normal, but that’s what norm people do, just live. Our lives are connected, just look around you, its not so difficult to see.

Live your life, like you’re an angel, because that’s exactly what you are, angels don’t fall from heaven, angels are you and me.


Some Words

Published June 25, 2013 by lionessallison

Its been such a long time and I missed everyone!

I’m sharing these words with you because I love you!

Please visit

Be Blessed!

President Riah Group

LRQuarterly Unveils Cover Page

Published September 18, 2012 by lionessallison

Look Republic

After many months of brain storming, meetings, appointments and disappointments, Look Republic is beyond proud to unveil the cover of our debut magazine.

Simplicity at it’s best, Look Republic magazine, is working at breaking ground worldwide. We’re offering 100pages of pure fashion goodness, with work from three main points across the globe; Nigeria, Ghana and the UK.

In the coming weeks, we will be unveiling more of ourselves, our work and the talent and  art we’ve discovered. Buy first here is the face of Look Republic. Our face. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Twitter : @Look_Republic

Email us :

Call us : +2348036968794



There Was A Girl………..

Published September 4, 2012 by lionessallison

There was a girl, she lived in a château, no , actually, she lived in a bungalow, her name was ATHENA… Athena was a girl of many talents, many dreams and many faith, she was fair and beautiful, physically petite , mentally strong yet emotionally weak. Athena cared most for her family, she loved the art and everything natural, and a day in Athena’s life ? Could go like this :

She wakes up in the morning with her first thought being what she dreamt about, “thank you Jesus” follows right after and that dark handsome guy whose memory she can’t seem to kick off her system. She sometimes take a moment to think of her life, imagine how the future could be, and she sometimes just pray , read a book and get the day started.

Athena knew a lot of friends, but had none, one of them once described her as someone who could sell an idea of a billion dollars without owning a kobo, she never gave up and there’s always a plan. Unfortunately for Athena, things don’t go the way she deserved, nothing was ever easy, she most believed in fairytale, but I doubt fairies like girls in bungalows very much.

Athena mostly goes from the happiest to the most depressed in one second, well, to be honest, that’s not very hard to achieve in her world, there was always something or someone to make her feel worse, especially the things or people she wouldn’t do the same to.

Athena was what you could call “The Good Girl” she goes to church, respects her elders, but wasn’t content with what she had, who could be content with a bungalow, working hard with no positive result to satisfy and people who don’t see your efforts because they love you too blindly to care that anything you did was good for you.

Now don’t get me wrong, she was grateful and happy but not content, and that right there, was her only crime, the passion to want to do more, give more, have more and make her life worth everything, which ever since she’d grown to take care of herself had been put to the most passion wrecking tests.

Athena , like you must’ve started adjusting to, was a warrior of many talents, from a little girl she built herself a wall, where all her secrets, emotions, talents, drive, passion, hope and father was kept. When she was with her biological family she wore he black lace dress, its lace because she hoped they might one day see her beautiful skin, they might see that she tries and that she needs them though not in the way they saw fit. When she was with the friends she knew she wore her yellow dress, its long, covering all her skin, she wants them to see how bright she is but doesn’t want to be SEEN. Well, she is seen alright, talk about centre of attention that yellow dress does get her into friend trouble, they like her, but would rather do without her….you know what I mean? But when Athena goes home to her father , with whom all her precious was kept, she was in her skin, she was white and she glows like a diamond, her eyes honey brown, her lips apple pink and her hair red as rose, she either goes to her father happy with great news that mostly always don’t last…… Or crying with her troubles that always don’t leave.

Athena would say:

“Father! I’m here again, the gifts you gave me are pretty, I’ve been using them well, but they always need repair and I don’t have the resources. That guy you sent me? He took me to dinner, he took me on a carpet ride to see the world, but his name wasn’t Aladdin, he dumped me in the ocean! The people I live with, they complain I don’t do it right, they say they know your plans for me and I’m ruining it? Am I? How could you tell them and not me? They don’t even know you like I do! Do I break my walls so they could see you?… Oh no… Won’t do. They won’t see you because they have no eyes!

Father,….why don’t I get what I deserve? Why don’t good things happen to me often or last when they do?

Father….. Do you still walk with me?…. Do you still hear me, father, I love you, will you show yourself to me again soon?…… This time I promise not to hide from fear of your Holiness,

Father….. are you there?”

and her Father, always only answers one question, “Yes, I AM HERE”

There was a girl, and ATHENA was her name.


ill , Bored and Blogging

Published June 28, 2012 by lionessallison

A friend sent me this link to check out these photographs by a London based Nigerian photographer Obi Nwokedi, I absolutely love them……. So I’m ill today and I wanted to blog………. Yes, that’s about everything.. ENJOY!


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