The Designers

Below are some of our featured designers

Diella Fashion

DIELLA FASHION is a Nigerian design located in Abuja and London. Dramatic and Decorative are key elements of Diella’s design aesthetic. With sharp focus on unique designs and an eye for trend, the western and ethnic influence on DIELLA FASHION, is clear. DIELLA FASHION come in three forms; Ready To Wear, Ethnic Fashion and Hate Cutter. The style philosophy for Diella’s Ready to Wear is trendy and wearable for everyday and any occasion. Each collection goes with the season and trend. Diella’s Ethnic Fashion focuses on embracing and celebrating African cultures, embellished with African stones and embroidery. The unique Haute Couture is trend averse and exclusive. Heavily influenced by the Classics and Victorian Era, each collection appears as a Fashion Revival of a Historical Design. Diella creates one-of-a-kind pieces for “Haute Fashion” lovers, as well as a limited edition pieces to a maximum run of three, in a particular design or color.


2RULE, originated from her mother name chi2RULE. This brand is Located in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. The small and upcoming brand focuses on youths and individuals willing to experience NEW and YOUNG. It also focuses on people that are not scared of looking playful, simple and free. With a mission statement “your fashion, your story”, 2Rule design is inspired by her style, attitude, and character. These attributes form THEMES/STORIES that are interpreted to individuals and its esteem consumers. The brand also obeys the rule of UNIQUNESS, SIMPLICITY, and FREEDOM.

Crantz Couture @Ms_crantz

owned by Doherty Bolanle Rosencrantz, is a fast rising clothing line that offers bespoke clothing services, Crantz Couture was launched last year and specialize in male and female clothing.

MaxiVive Couture

Fashion need not be limited to expensive designer brands, left – of – the –mainstream labels and trendy statement. A flair for putting together and pulling off the most sleek and basic styles denotes a penchant for functionality, simplicity and class. Understated sophistication is always over looked, especially today when people generally favour flashy prints and loud colours. Trends may slip on and off the style radar but the most essential pieces should always be present in your wardrobe. And this is where MAXIVIVE makes its mark as one of the most innovative brands in Africa.

Since its establishment in 2007, MAXIVIVE is transforming to be an household name in Nigeria, offering a variety of choices when it comes to clothes that are wearable and stylish at the same time. MAXIVIVE is recognized as for its innovative pieces and the fusion of different fabrics, odd colours and patterns in a well thought out manner to bring forth a fashionable, effortless and easily worn piece for men. It has been the go-to brand for thousands of individuals who want their clothes to suit their life styles, from corporate to leisure.

MAXIVIVE selection features sleek suits, slacks, dress shirts, polo shirts, jeans, trousers, jackets, vest, ties, belts, shoes, bags, wallets, bracelets, neckpiece, and even traditional wears. This piece combines the details of classic elegance while maintaining that contemporary look. Whether its plaid, checkered, pin stripes or solid colours, in African or foreign fabrics. MAXIVIVE provides more subdued modern aspect while giving a nod to the comfort of traditional wears.

In the fast- paced world of fashion, MAXIVIVE is committed to continue their winning streak in setting the standard in authentic African style.

Old Religion


Old religion clothing co is an apparel company that seeks to make its impact felt and its voice heard in the clothing industry in the long run contributing its quota tin a little but substantial way to nation building.
Our niche is in corporate clothing which comprises of bespoke suits, ready-made shirts and tailored to fit trousers among others.
Our motivation us the agitation at the high prices attached to household name brands, true they have paid their dues, in some cases deserve their asking prices, however the people need a worthy adversary, a more than suitable alternative to what they are being offered.
Old Religion does not boast of being fashion designers, what we do is bring basic clothing infused with the going trends to the market and makes it available to the reach the reach of almost all.
Clothing n itself is a way of life, something we can’t do without, unlike your basket of fruits doesn’t go sour, more like your bottle of wine, gets better with each passing day. It’s what is referred to as the fashion cycle, it goes round and round likes a hula hoop.
If good clothing could be made more affordable than it is, life would be easier for the majority, we would have extra disposable income to actually dispose, and our standard of living would be higher in the long run. That is what we at Old Religion are poised to do; ensure quality in panache and affordability.

House Of D3

Name of Label: Haus of D3
Name of Designer : Preye Tito
Signature Style: Funky,Fun,Fresh & Daring
Theme/Motto: Style Take Guts!!
Launch: 18th July 2009.

INFO: The Haus Of D3 Label is a fun spunky label that churns out upscale young hip and not so regular/traditional fashion forward designs, that keeps the modern man looking classy with a touch of a DARING attitude.

This label was exclusively founded by the Haus of D3 brand CEO, Preye Tito, and is
focused on clients that truly want to be free and have uniqueness in their dress sense.

 The HAUS OF D3 Shop is solely in the business of satisfying our clients by providing them the most exquisite luxury labels combined with an enhanced unrivaled shopping experience, both home and in-store. We are a ‘haus’ recognized for providing our customers an ever changing selection of globally renowned brands with unsurpassed quality.
HAUS OF D3 carries iconic pieces by cutting edge designers which are carefully hand selected with precise care and skill.

X&O’s Is A Clothing Line, That Specialises In Hip Urban Wear With A Hint Of Western Designs.

X&O’s Was Founded By Karol ‘Robby’ Sejebor In November 2011. Other Team Members Include: Francis Akingboye (Co-Ceo) , Dadeola Sogbetun (Managing Director) , Kanyinsola Abaniwonda (Chief Company Advisor & Sponsor) , Duro Bolaji-Idowu (Head Designer) , Ladi Belo (Sponsor)

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